No Excuses

I finally slept last night! And damn was it wonderful! And although I did not want to move from my bed this morning, I got my lazy butt up and worked out for the first time in weeks! Now if I can only keep it up! I need to keep it up. I felt a lot better this morning than I have in a long time. I worked out, got some steps in, ate breakfast, and made my way into work. Future Laura needs to keep this shit up!


Oh, by the way… I have blue/purple hair! And I love it!

It was nerve wrecking getting it done. Because it is so drastic, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. Turns out, I love it. We have another appointment on August 6th to get it touched up/redone. Since she didn’t have silver and didn’t turn out “right.”

Even better, I got to see mom’s face when I picked them up at the airport Sunday night. It was priceless. Both hey I actually like it with a little, hmmm not to keen on the purple.

Tomorrow night we are going to a baseball game since we were rained out at the last one. Girls Night! Life is pretty good. Now to just keep this shit up.


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