Two Days in a Row? Score

Another day I got my lazy butt up and worked out in the morning! Now I just need to keep it up! It helped that I slept fantastic last night. I woke up once and wasn’t as restless as I have been in the past. It also helped my alarm scared me awake because I was sleeping hard and didn’t know what was happening.

I went to the eye doctors on Saturday and about new glasses online. I received an e-mail snapchat-2384739020342220055.jpgtoday for a shipping notification that was in gibberish. But at least it means that my glasses are on their way. I haven’t been wearing my glasses this week at work, which seems to help my headaches. Dr. C. told me (again…just as he has told me since I started wearing glasses) that I don’t need to be wearing them all the time. So he gave me two different prescriptions. One for distance/driving. One for “as needed” while I am at work. This week my eyes are still tired, but I don’t think they are as strained as they have been. So  we shall see what will happen when I get these new glasses with the “as needed” prescription.

Tonight my mom and I are going to go to a baseball game to make up for the game that was rained out a couple weeks ago. I am excited. More about the food than the actual game. So today it going so very slowly. Damn Thursday!

Let’s see if tomorrow morning I get up and work out before work!


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