“Just to keep them guessing I stick a cigar in my ear.”

This past weekend was the best weekend ever. Friday night I stopped at Krimg_20160722_175411.jpgoger and grabbed a pizza and a bottle of wine. I ate the entire pizza by myself and then followed it up with a pint of ice cream I got at Kroger Thursday night after the baseball game. Needless to say, it was a fantastic night. Saturday, I didn’t get dressed and leave the house until after 5:30. Before that it was pajamas, laying around binge watching Stargate: Atlantis and napping with Scream 4 on in the background. It was the best day ever.

Sunday I went and saw Star Trek Beyond and seriously, if you had doubts of seeing it (which bully on you), go see it because it is wonderful. Of course it was going to be brilliant. Simon Pegg helped write it. And Simon Pegg is the man!

Today at lunch break I discovered a new Snapchat picture.


I make a good giraffe….I think at least.

It’s the last week of July. So crazy. Just yesterday it was July 4th and now it is almost August! The month of birthdays it seems. This weekend I am spending in the mountains camping before the next couple hectic weekends of birthday parties and hair dying. Everyday is an adventure! Some days more than others.



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