“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, out most inexhaustible source of magic.”

Someone posted this article on my friends timeline on Facebook today.

Scientists Find Something Fascination About People Who Finish the “Harry Potter” Books

If you have a moment, you should ready it. I found it interesting, as someone who has finished all the Harry Potter books numerous times. And, personally, I find Trump obnoxious and filled with hate all the while salivating at the mouth to create fear in the masses.

With each book completed, a person’s opinion of Trump dropped on average by about two to three points, Mutz found.

“This may seem small,” she told science news site Phys.org. “But for someone who has read all seven books, the total impact could lower their estimation of Trump by 18 points out of 100. The size of this effect is on par with the impact of party identification on attitudes toward gays and Muslims.”

How interesting is that. And it continues to stay:

“The anti-Trump theme in that they don’t use curses and aggression unless they have to,” Mutz said in a call with ATTN:. “And [it’s] very much the opposite of Voldemort and the kind of trips that he’s on and his desire to dominate others and to categorize people as pure and impure, Muggles and non-Muggles.”

This reminds me that I need to re-read Harry Potter to get me through November, I think. I need:

“The messages are tolerance for creatures as well as humans who aren’t like you, and we see that throughout in terms of Hermione and the society for Protection of Elfish Welfare and Dobby and the fact that they are friends with Hagrid the Giant,” Mutz said. “They don’t treat him or stigmatize him in a negative way.”

“Things aren’t what they seem on the surface,” Mutz added. “I think that kind of mutual respect that Harry demonstrates, even in the very last book where his son says, ‘Oh, I hope I am not in Slytherin,’ Harry says, ‘You know, one of the greatest men I ever knew was a Slytherin.’ The idea is not to categorize people, not to dismiss their value.”

Okay, so I should have let you read the article instead of quoting almost half of it, but I couldn’t help myself. I basically took over this girl’s post on Danielle’s page regarding this with banter between Danielle and myself. I really feel I need some HP in my life right now. With all the negativity and hatred getting thrown around…I could use some tolerance and respect.



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