Return to Reality

It is hard coming back to life after camping sometimes. Especially when the weekend ended up being so perfect, despite the rain Friday night. Even with the rain, it was perfect. My mom and I sat under my new tent and chit chatted the night away. And then on img_20160731_123520.jpgSaturday, the weather was perfect and we started the morning drinking Bloody Marys. And the rest of the day sitting around (or laying in a hammock for my mom) and reading.

It was perfect.

Sunday we packed up and returned home. After drying everything out, I went to see Jason Bourne and it was fantastic.

And now I am feeling like the walking dead over here at my desk. All I want to do is get into comfy clothes and lay on my couch watching the Bourne movies. I watched the first one and half the second last night. I shall be finishing the second tonight after I get home.

It’s going to be another busy week this week. Which makes me sleepy. Even though I am excited about my plans this week, it still makes me tired. Gotta love being an introvert.


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