“Ford… you’re turning into a penguin. Stop it.”

I went and saw Bad Moms last night with my wonderful mother. It was so hilarious and just what we needed. Popcorn and laughter for dinner. Although I slept like crap last night, I am in a good mood. Despite it all, I am in a good mood. I went to the grocery store after the movie last night for coffee and cheese. I left with cheese and some other stuff. I got home and almost cried because I didn’t have coffee for the morning. So this morning, I left early and went and got coffee at Einstein Bagel.


And now I just want to go home, get into pajamas and watch Robin Hood. Though I need to drop Red Queen off at the library and pick up another book waiting for me. I may just go home. I still have Dorothy Must Die waiting for me at home. Plus…laziness is taking a hold on me.

Tomorrow after work I am going painting with the girls at work. We are gonna be eating sushi beforehand. I am excited even though I suck at painting. But it will be lots of fun and good for me to do stuff with co-workers.


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