Family Time

Wednesday night I went over and hung out at my parents house and we finally started watching the TV show Parenthood. I have been trying to get my mom to watch it for the last couple years. Dad was all, I don’t want to watch that. And I’m all, yes you do. The pilot episode was him talking (and I say that lightly because he’s can’t hear how loud he is talking) over the show to point out all the actors he likes.


Seriously, I love this show.

Last night skating was canceled so I called Mom to make plans to watch more this weekend and she asked: are you coming over tonight? My response was: I’m putting on shoes now. So two nights in a row with two of my favorite people watching an awesome show. Re-watching this show is like catching up with old friends. And just what I needed.

And now Friday is finally here and the weekend is almost upon us. Tonight I am going to make some chicken nachos. I just need to make it through today.


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