“‘Don’t Panic.’ It’s the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody’s said to me all day.”

Another INTJ article read yesterday. Well, it was all the Myers-Briggs Personality types. This time what stresses different types out and how to deal.

What stresses out an INTJ:
Being in an environment that doesn’t appreciate their skills, visions, or ideas.
– Not enough alone time. Too much extraverting.
– Too much noise or sensory input.
– Working with those they see as lazy, incompetent, or ignorant.
– Having to pay attention to too many details at once.
– Being in unfamiliar environments.
– Having their well-settled plans disrupted.
– Too much focus on the here-and-now.
– Not being able to use their intuition to envision the future.


I feel these. Some days more than others. More times than not, I just want to make plans with myself to do nothing. That would be awesome.

How to help an INTJ experiencing stress:
– Give them space, and time alone to process their thoughts and feelings.
– Reduce sensory stimulation like noise, TV, radio, or bright lights.
– Let them express their thoughts and feelings without judgment. Understand that they may be irrational.
– Don’t give them advice. This will only make them feel worse.
– Give them a break from responsibilities.
– Encourage them to get enough sleep at night.
– Help them lighten their schedule, or cancel unnecessary activities.
– After some time of solitude, encourage them to get a change of scenery by going outdoors.

Of course it is Thursday. Time to make it through today, hang out with some awesome friends tonight and then it is Friday! Tomorrow  is a half day and then off to camping. I need some outdoor adventures in my life.


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