Everyone Lives

My mom and I over the weekend drove to Richmond, VA to visit my cousin in theimg_20160828_170934.jpg hospital. She was moved out of ICU early Friday morning so we were able to spend all afternoon with her in her room on Saturday.  It was great being able to see her and hug her. It was also great seeing Jenna. She is such a great kid. She has a broken clavicle and a broken toe that was almost cut off by glass. Hopefully she’ll be able to keep her toe.

I am so glad that we went up and saw her. She needed to have someone to talk to other than the normal family and doctors.

And I have never been to Richmond before and let me tell you: even though I hate Virginia (HATE Virginia), I do like Richmond. I forgot how much I missed 7 Elevens and the Big Gulps filled with the nector of the gods (Pepsi). Which I grabbed a Double Gulp on the way home yesterday and was in heaven.


For dinner Saturday night, we ate at Southern Railway Tap House that had over 40 beers on tap. All of them were made in Virginia. I had this amazing peanut butter stout and oatmeal stout when I drank the rest of the peanut butter.

It was crazy how familiar this hospital was, even though I have never been there. It brought back way too many memories of my time in Virginia five years ago. Most of the unpleasant memories of hours spent wandering in the hospital or napping in the waiting area. But it was great seeing my cousin. And it is even better being home.



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