Camping Makes me Happy

And also dying my hair.


Friday night I dyed my hair blue and purple. Although I need to touch it up, especially in the back (as well bleach my roots), it didn’t turn out too shabby. Now I am trying to decide if I want to keep my appointment in October to re-dye my hair. I guess I will see how I handle the bleach before I cancel it.

Camping was so much fun this past weekend. I got to spend time with my family! And bestscreenshot_2016-09-05-19-23-04-1.png of all my BFF and her son! It was so cute watching Abigail and Ollie play together. Yesterday morning they wrote a book together. Can you say: cuteness overload?!

And now back to reality and working.

Getting up this morning was so hard, but I did. And I managed in a work out. I’m pretty impressed with myself. Last week I worked out every morning before work. Yesterday, after I got home and unpacked, I worked out. So far two for two. Just need to keep in up the rest of the week.


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