First game of the season and Steelers won! I am very glad I stepped out of my comfort zone steelersof being a hermit last night to go watch the game with my mom. It was full of food, fun, and football. All the good things in life.


And now it is another day of work ahead of me and all I want to do it be lazy. But alas, time to adult.

This past weekend, my mom and I went to the last bouts of the Hard Knox Roller Derby. The first bout was a little slow, but damned if the second bout was wonderful. If you have never seen a roller derby game in person, I highly suggest you go when the season starts back up again.


After the bouts, I came home and slept over eleven hours. It was wonderful. Even better, I finally re-arranged my living room! I think that is why I am been feeling weird lately. I usually re-arrange my house every three months or do. It has been six months and no change! What the hell is up with that? Oh right, my living room is odd shaped. It is a long rectangle with a fireplace in the middle. I really like how I have it set up currently.

I didn’t work out this morning, but I currently have six thousand steps. So that is something. I am going to attempt to work out after work, but the new Captain America movie comes out today… so let’s see how that goes.


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