Horrible Wednesday and Harry Potter

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I looked over and saw my jerk cat laying on my purse and glaring at me. I told him: I know, I would rather stay home with you today, but I also need to be able to buy your cat food. And he glared at me.

So I am re-reading the Harry Potter books. Well, listening to the audio books. Because when you need your soul cheered up, you read Harry Potter.


I need summer to be over. I need the ninety degree weather to be over. I am ready for seventy degree weather. I am sure I will be over the cold eventually, but right now, I need it. I need dark and stormy nights surrounded by books and tea.

This heat and bright sun is doing things to my disposition. Not nice things. I don’t understand people that need sun all the time. Give me grey clouds and misty mornings over bright sunny days. Or maybe it’s just my mood today.

This Wednesday is a brutal one.


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