Without Coffee

I slept in until 7 today and it was amazing. However, I leave the house at 7:20 and I didn’t feel like making coffee. So today, I have not had any coffee.

Today is an evil day.

Last night was so much fun! Some of the girls from work and I went to Ladies Night at the ladies-nightMelting Pot. We also signed up for a Pure Romance party as two of the girls have never been to one. And we scheduled another night of being at someone’s house drinking and having fun. Sometimes my life is like a sitcom and it makes me happy.

Tonight I am going to help my mom find a dress for this fancy Gala party she’s going to this weekend. She didn’t remind me so I had made plans already and then had to cancel. She didn’t remind me because she didn’t want to make me feel like I had to. Silly girl. It works out cause my friends aren’t feeling too good today. Though I hate they are feeling yucky.

I have been looking for different recipes to try out on Pinterest. I am going to try my hand at this Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole tomorrow for dinner. I am very excited to be trying this. My best friend tried the recipe out and she said it was amazing! Speaking of my best friend. Her boy is six years old today! I am taking my niece to his birthday party this weekend. Six years old!


Time really does fly.

And then there is me. Still trying to avoid reality and jumping down every rabbit hole I can find. Oh! That reminds me. There is another episode of Lethal Weapon on Hulu for me to watch today! Score!

Life is great.



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