Hello Happiness

Season Eleven of Supernatural came on Netflix this past Friday. As of Sunday night, I finished watching the shows I have already seen. That means yesterday I was blessed with new shows to watch while I could. Including watching Lucifer come back!


And now I find myself saying: I have missed Lucifer so much! And am getting weird looks by people. They just don’t understand.

This past weekend I took my dad to the Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg and we rode it twice! He had a great time, I think. And then we went any played miniature golf. I think we both needed some Dad/Daughter time.

And now it’s another busy week. But today Ghostbusters and the new Tarzan movie comes out on DVD. I know I am buying Ghostbusters. I am torn on the Tarzan. I really enjoyed it and will watch it again. But do I want to spend that kind of money in one day? Is it worth it that much?

I haven’t been sleeping well again. I have been getting eight hours of sleep these past few nights, but according to Fitbit, they have been restless sleep. Filled with tossing and turning every ten minutes it looks like. So I am awake, but exhausted. I think it’s a mental tired and not physically tired. Which is worse, sometimes.

Oh well…at least there is Supernatural in my life.


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