This Side of Halloween

Friday night was Ladies’ night at a co-workers house. It. Was. Awesome.


There was six ladies to begin with and it was down to just her and I at two in the morning. Saturday, after I got home, I went and grabbed a pumpkin and carving tools. It was a very lazy, yet productive day. I even took a close to two hour nap.

Sunday we celebrated my brother’s birthday and afterward I bought a chair for my porch. img_20161030_165857.jpgMom came over with pots and flowers and created this masterpiece. Years ago we were at Big Lots and we discovered this gnome. Mom hasn’t found the “right” place to put it in her yard. So here it is!

She also brought a little gnome face to put up on my wall outside. It is a nice little space out there. At least, it is getting there.

It is now four in the morning. I gave up attempting to sleep an hour ago. I am sure I will regret it, but now…it’s better than fighting myself. I got up at three and worked out. PiYo Sweat. That was brutal. But it feels good to be back into the habit of working out.

This weekend another co-worker and I are going backpacking! We were just going to do a hike, but she turned to me and asked if I wanted to camp too. My answer is always yes to that!

And now that it is this side of Halloween, I need to prepare for my ladies’ night in a few weeks and then Planksgiving. And then it will be coming up on Christmas…crazy how time flies.


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