Start of Another Week

I slept one minute shy of thirteen hours Saturday night. It figures I woke up at two AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I gave up at three and worked out to PiYo Core. And now I am watching Netflix. What a bunch of crap. Oh well.

This weekend has been a mixture of relaxing and getting shit done. Saturday I got the chimney’s swept and I had my first fire in my fireplace. It was amazing. Sunday after I adultingwoke up, I worked out, cleaned up the living and bedroom. I also made the shower curtain rod more secure by installing those wall things. As well as putting up some pictures. I feel like an adult! On top of all that, I went and saw Jack Reacher 2 and picked up curtain rods for the living room and kitchen as well as a frame for my Grand Canyon print.

Seriously. Sometimes I really enjoy my weekends. I thought last weekend was good. And now it is Monday. My co-workers and I are doing this lunch thing were one of us brings lunch for the five of us one day a week. Tomorrow is my day so tonight I will be making Chicken Bacon Ranch Spaghetti Squash. I am excited about this. Hopefully I will be awake enough to make it tonight! Maybe I will have another fire while cooking!



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