How is Tomorrow December?

Seriously though how is it possible? Can I go back to it being Thanksgiving? I still need to get all the presents for people. At least I’m making my nephews and niece blankets this year. Two down. One to finish.

Planksgiving was fun! I got to see my bestie and she spent the night. A coworker (pictured above) came too. I made a new friend! We’re planning on going to a trivia night next Monday dressed as pirates too.

I spent Sunday by the fire finishing my niece’s blanket with this jerk. And now it’s the last day of December. Oh how time flies!


Thanksgiving was a blast though. It was a little weird not having my brother and niece around. But we cooked and ate a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and then watching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the revival on Netflix on Friday. Friday we binge watched the revival and then watched some Parenthood before going to a hockey game. The first one we were able to go to this season! After the hockey game, I went home for the first time since Wednesday. Nelson missed the crap out of me. It was kind of cute. He would lay on my chest and stare at me, then purr really loudly and bang his head against my face.

I also bought a few too many movies on sale. No regrets though. One of them being Krampus. Which is amazing!

Oh Sunday I also put up my Christmas tree while watching Die Hard. It is officially Christmas season now.


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