“Never Give Up. Never Surrender”

When life gets hard, I quote Galaxy Quest. Why? Why not!

I cannot believe Christmas is a week from this weekend. I’m slowly getting presents out of the way. Just a handful left. Two of which I have no idea what to get. Great. All in all everything is hunky dory. It’s been crazy busy lately. Last Friday I made my parents dinner. It was my mom’s birthday dinner. It turned out fantastic. 

Last night after work I went to a UT basketball game. I was in a private box with food and booze. It was pretty great. And tonigh was filled with grocery stores and cooking for lunch tomorrow. 

And goggles. You can’t forget the goggles. They actually did a pretty decent job. I made turkey and rice casserole. It called for beef, but I bought some ground turkey instead. I think it turned out pretty decently. Hopefully the girls at work will like it.

I can’t wait until I get my shit together. I’m going to start small. Like today, I paid for my half of the cruise! Just a few months away! And now I lay on my couch watching a chick flick with my jerk cat laying on me. I kind of want to crawl into bed and go to sleep, but I’m afraid if I do, I’ll wake up throughout the night. I hate sleeping like crap. 


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