Secret Santa

Yesterday we did Secret Santa at work. I don’t do well with secret stuff. Thankfully my buddy let me know who picked my name. Of course, I told everyone who I got. Last week was crazy, this week is less so, but with lots to do.

img_0544Including cleaning up messes.

Look at that coffee pot sitting on top of the coffee machine.

Yesterday was lots of fun. There is always an adventure awaiting around the corner. Especially at work.

And now Christmas is a few days away. I am wearing my Elf shirt and my “ugly Christmas” sweater that is Doctor Who today. I wish Doctor Who was still on Netflix. I need some Doctor in my life right now. Maybe I’ll watch some Primeval instead.


My Secret Santa gift was awesome. And I got a Rebel shirt as well. I am pretty impressed with how well everyone did with this. Usually, Dirty Santa is played. But there are a lot of people here now. It took almost 2 hours last year with half the people.

Tonight I think I am going to be a lazy person. Well, maybe I will work out. I need to get back into that. I still get up at 5:30 in the morning, but I get my steps in by doing cardio. Tomorrow is Friday and then it’s a three day weekend of Christmas! I need to wrap my niece and mom’s gift and then I am done! It is going to be a nice, relaxing weekend.


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