New Adventures

I slept a little over nine hours last night. I passed out on the couch watching the latest Captain America movie. After it was over, I woke up and moved to my bed and passed out again. I was exhausted. Tuesday night I went snowboarding for the first time and only slept five hours that night. So of course I was exhausted. After I got home, I had to cook lunch for the girls at work. I put everything in my brand new crock pot and went to bed. 

I made Chicken Tortilla Soup. And it turned out fantastic! 

So far 2017 is coming along pretty decently. Tonight I am going over to my parents cause I haven’t seen them in a while. Tomorrow I’m going to pick up a steak and some veggies and grill. And best of all: watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. No plans this weekend except to clean, be lazy, and binge watch Netflix. I am excited. 


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