Hello Old Friends

It has been a hectic and crazy time for me lately. Yesterday was my first soccer game ever. We lost, but we kicked ass as we lost. It was a lot of fun and I feel like this is going to be a fantastic adventure.

The weekend before was my birthday and oh man was it one for the books. The girls and I went to a local hockey game that was Superhero themed.


It was spectacular! I am one lucky girl. The girls got me tickets to see the new Beauty and the Beast on Thursday atĀ 6 PM. Which is going to be wonderful. One of the girls is going with me. We are going to have a BLAST!

This past week I have been witnessing first hand the judicial system with jury duty. Today, I thought would be my last day. I was mistaken. Instead, tomorrow I shall be reporting for,fb_img_1487157929783.jpg hopefully, my last day. I have been going to work a few hours before I need to report to court. By the time I get out of court it is after 6 PM and I am exhausted. Today, between work and jury duty, I worked over twelve hours.

I cannot believe my eyes are still open.

No matter what, I won’t give up though. I am going to get to work early again tomorrow and get as much done as possible before going back to court. Hopefully, it won’t be a full day and I can get some more work done tomorrow because I cannot stay late as I am going to hang out with some friends after work for some much needed laughter.

Wednesday is date night with my mom. And then Thursday, of course, is movie night to see Beauty and the Beast! And Friday is Saint Patrick’s Day…in which I have no plans.

hockeyDespite it being crazy busy lately, life is freaking fantastic! This weekend I get to see my best friend in the whole wide universe and my nephew. I haven’t seen them in forever. And then it is countdown until our vacation in a couple weeks. Damn, life is good.

I have been doing this yoga challenge with a friend and surprisingly I am keeping up with it, despite my busy nature lately. I am super sore today from playing soccer. I managed to do some PiYo this morning, but my legs are angry with me. But this yoga is helping work out some kinks. Who knew I would be doing yoga in my life? I am making my mother proud.



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