Cold Week. Cold Heart.

Yoga makes me happy.

The above are the first 9 poses of this yoga challenge I am apart of. Every day is a new challenge and I am loving it. Yoga seems to help ease my mind and soul. It’s been a challenging week or so for me. Last week I just went home and slept. This week I have things going on after work almost every day so I’m just keeping my head up and will continue to move forward. It’s good things happening after work.

Last night I saw Beauty and the Beast! AND IT WAS AMAZING! I have the best friends. The girls from work bought me tickets for the premier to see it last night. So my girl Kelsey and I went. I am going to be listening to the soundtrack all day today. It was the perfect combination of the original and more.  It made me super happy.


And now it is Friday! Finally Friday! And Saint Patrick’s Day to boot! I am thinking about seeing some bands play downtown tonight. But I’d be going by myself at the moment, so I am not sure about it yet. And of course a week from Saturday, I will be leaving for Tampa with my best friend for our vacation!!!!!



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