Relaxation and Reading

I got back late last night from my first cruise! This is the year of the firsts it seems, which is exciting. First cruise. First time on a soccer team. First solo concert out of state in a few weeks. Not to mention my best friend’s wedding later this year! Life is exciting.


Of all the years we have been friends, this was our first vacation together! How exciting is that! Our first cruise and first vacation together! Although the water was a little rough and we may have been a little sea sick at different times. But we survived despite not being able to port at Costa Maya due to the swells. All in all, it was super relaxing. I read two books!

We got home late last night and this day has went by extremely quickly. Between laundry, giving my needy cat some loves, a soccer game (which we lost horribly), and grocery shopping… I am ready to sleep. And hopefully actually get some sleep. Nelson wouldn’t let me sleep last night. He was too busy clawing at my face, neck, and head. And he wanted to sleep ON my face. Which having a fat cat on your face is not contusive to a good nights sleep.

Work will be interesting tomorrow, but nothing I can’t handle!


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