Back Porch Reflections: Part One

Sometimes my life is amazing. 

Sometimes my life blows. 

But no matter what, it’s pretty awesome. 

Friday night a couple friends and I hiked Cades Cove at night. Full moon. It was awesome. Beautiful and amazing. There were a lot of bikers there. Next time we’ll bike it! 

And now this beautiful Sunday afternoon I am sitting on my back porch of a house I bought a year ago. I. Bought. A. House. I never wanted a house. I never wanted the responsibility and to be tied down to a piece of property. But here I am. Loving this day on my back porch with a Bloody Mary and a book. 

Life is amazing sometimes. And it catches you off guard. 

The pure joy and heart ache of it all. 

I don’t ever want to blink to miss it a moment of it. But I also want to nap… shut my eyes and let the dreams take me away from it all.  It’s a complete mess and I love it. 


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