Puzzles and Supernatural

…And don’t forget reading. 

I started a new book this morning. I didn’t get far because I got distracted by a puzzle I bought yesterday on my dad/daughter day to celebrate Father’s Day!

So I wasted this day away in the best possible way: doing what I want to do when I wanted to do it. I got up when I wanted. I read when I wanted. Worked on a puzzle when I wanted. I watched what I wanted. Can life get any better than that? I went to the grocery store and got food for the week which is amazing. I, however, am not cooking tonight. I feel like you need to be in a mood to cook food. That way it tastes better. Today, I’m sure my food would taste a little tired and flat. And who wants that?

So I watch Supernatural and drink my vodka-cranberry juice while laying on my couch and reading articles about badass women to motivate me for the week ahead. 


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