Yes or No?

Is camping two weekends in a row a bad thing? Would I end up getting tired of camping? I really want to go to Indian Boundary Campground again this year and the first weekend in August (well, technically the second since July 31st weekend is already full) a site I really like is available. There is still plenty of time to camp there. I don’t think they close until the end of October or beginning of November. But I kind of like the idea of going camping two weekends in a row. Now the questions is should I go camping by myself (or with family and friends if they want to join) before camping with my sister or after?

campuingI haven’t heard from my sister in a while, so it was a pleasant surprise when she texted asking me to go camping for her birthday. Of course that means I will be missing Abigail’s 6th birthday, but I will make sure to do something with her before or after. Maybe I will take her camping with me to Indian Boundary Campground! She would love that.

What is it about being in nature that brings all your troubles and problems into perspective. Sometimes the idea of just disappearing into the wilderness with nothing but a pack on your back seems wonderful. Other days, when I am obsessed over whatever Netflix show I am watching, it seems impossible, yet tempting.

I don’t think it is possible to be able to get sick of camping. I may have to plan an Indian Boundary Campground trip soon and disappear into the world of no cell service, no technology. Catch up on reading books that are collecting dust as I hit the next episode button over and over again.

I can make it until August, right? Who knows, maybe this will be a great opportunity to not feel like an outsider.


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